What to do with my burly parts?

Sorry I keep making topics!
I just had a really emotional evening disassembling my burly to make room for my primo, and I looked at the box of parts, and it seemed a shame to just throw it away. I know there’s some non-commercial stuff in the license, so I want to make sure I’m respecting it properly.
Can I sell it to someone I know?
If I give it away online, can I recoup shipping costs if I don’t charge anything for the parts themselves? What about the non printed parts (bearings, etc)?
Does Ryan mind people offering to give stuff away? I don’t want to hinder his business or anything.

As an aside, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me so much back when I made my first MPCNC and now as I’m about to start assembling my second. The fact that you folks give so much away to help dummies like me is really great. I know it sounds corny, but it’s allowed me to do things I’ve never been able to do before. Making custom PCB’s so the students in my homeroom could have custom props, teaching my 4-year-son about taking turns by making a rotating sign… I’m really grateful for all of your creativity and drive to make such an incredible machine available to me and people like me.
This is an amazing project, and combined with my 3d printer, it’s totally revolutionized my entire problem-solving process.
Thank you all, so much!

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You can always post them HERE.

Ryan has said he doesn’t mind if you sell the parts you print for yourself. Just like you want to. Just a single set per… Who knows, but don’t make a store out of it. But you have to sell them in the #leftovers section.

A couple of people have given them away, or just charged for shipping. I think that’s awesome.

I wonder if any schools/youth groups would welcome those parts as a donation along with the links for how to complete the project?

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I actually am a teacher, and I used to coach our robotics team. If I’d been told that I couldn’t take any money for shipping, etc, I was going to offer it to them! I still probably will give them first dibs, but I think they have larger ambitions, though! They might know another local FRC team who can use it, though!.


School seems like more fun today than it was in my time. Although we did learn how to squeeze under our desks and cover our heads in case those pesky Russkis started heaving nukes at us. :scream:


Leftover section? Who knew :slight_smile:

It is tagged leftovers, but the display name is “for sale”.

I think the FRC team is going to take it! I’ll need to reprint the two broken feet-- or at least I probably should.

Oh good. It will come with copious amounts of support then :slight_smile:

Where you can, please post some stuff it does for them. FRC is awesome.

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I remember that.
we still had some fun in shop class.
tack welding a tool box after bending it in the brake.
making threads also in metal but never using any of the equipment to it’s real potential which was a shame.
they had a whole auto shop that was only used by the shop teacher who would fix cars in it on the weekend for extra $$$.

electronics class was fun. the teacher would have us build prototypes for the cable TV descrambler he was designing.