What to expect with a tool exchange?

So, today I’m getting my additional bits including a 1/16 bit I plan to use to do final clean up as a final pass.

What can I expect when doing tool exchanges? I’ve never done it before and I expect there are steps I need to learn, is there additional settings in estlcam I’ll need? or octopi? (which I use for the front end of the cnc)

Just for tighter inside corners, at the sacrifice of a ton of speed? I honestly haven’t used a 1/16" yet. I used a .8mm drill for the first time last week. For what I do a single flute and a v-bit handle 99.9% of my projects.


I believe I have this outlined in the milling basics page.

Ohh, I don’t I will add it now.

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Yea; its for the tighter corners as a final pass.

Look forward to the updated basics lol.