What would you want to see in a new lowrider build?

I have some 2.1 type ideas:

So, just in terms of what exists already:

  • Belt mounts, seems to covered, someone remixed the Primo version, I would like a dial in version to avoid layers of masking tape though. I had two boards, perfectly aligned, drilled the same holes through both at the same time, still managed to be off half an inch. So, embed a square bolt on a slidey bit and adjust, make it overly complicated, to show off or summon demons.
  • End stop locations, how about adding some tabs to places that seem appropriate, touching L shapes, or one hand clapping versions, nothing fancy, thick enough not to immediately break. Wheel mounts would be ideal to have a hanging tab, small balcony near the Z motors, on either end, one for X facing down, the other for Z facing out. Should be printable in the existing orientation.
  • Ryan mentioned main priority is attachments for the plate, so probably already addressed. The way my Makita router is setup, I have little vacuum at the bit, and little dust collection unless going DMV slow, I am sure the DeWalt version works better, but not sure the pie cutout is even doing anything. Definitely need some extra room around the rim or slots to attach some sort of shoe, if not to form a seal, a barrier to the leaf blower of sawdust. There is getting dirty and then there is looking like a snowman when surfacing at F2000.
  • The use of screws for holing the little V’s in, replace with little plastic tabby screw thingys, a cylinder with a slot and rounded lumps on the end to snap in place yet removable. A bit thicker than the bolt. If possible in the same print operation, or not.
  • Wherever there is a bolt, make a matching restraining shape in the plastic, not all bolts are the same, of course, so maybe not.
  • Restraining clamps for the tubing, the tension has a memory that is not always desirable, another clamp that you can beat up would be nice, hang a curtain from it to keep the dust away from the bearings. Nothing I can’t make myself, but throwing it out there.
  • V1 logo, needs to be deeper and pronounced, art it up, make it sexy, the graffiti one would be cool, not sure you can get the detail though at simple and fast settings.