Wheel Guides Advice Needed

I’m nearly finished with a new LowRider 2 build, about 4.5’ x 3’ (~half sheet work area).

I was playing around with it without the belts hooked up and I anticipate the Y-axis wandering on me without any sort of wheel guides.

What is the best way to ensure a straight Y-axis using wheel guides?

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Ryan’s tacks without wheel guides, since it is square and moves evenly on both sides. I just cut some 3/4" strips from 3/4" plywood. I moved the gantry to one side and used a nail gun to nail them down at that end. Then I moved the gantry to the other end and nailed the other end down. But if I didn’t do it square, there’s almost no way for me to fix it.

Mine doesn’t have a problem with tracking and it’s 56" x 111".

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I just used careful measurements for mine. My table surface had perfectly parallel and spaced edges so I just carefully measured the required offset for my wheels and fixed my guides along those marks. It’s run problem free in this regard since. My wheels have a very light touch if any on the guides.

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Some people don’t have trouble. I’m not sure the source of the error.