Wheel Skirts

So during my first cuts with the Lowrider, I was noticing significant debris buildup along the edges of the table. I came up with a couple of “skirts” that attach to the roller assembly and wipe the table clean around the wheels as they travel back and forth.

Link to the video showing it in action… https://youtu.be/8DISBZe8CYc

Link to the parts in Thingiverse… https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2720722

Link to the material, Silly Winks, I used for the wiper making contact with the table… http://a.co/0yrTqNq

That’s pretty cool. I have some slats of plywood that run down the length of the table. I installed them to keep the wheels running straight, but they also keep most of the dust from the wheels.

What’s going on with your dust shoe? I see you’ve added some flaps.

I’ll being adding a post when I get the kinks worked out on the dust collection. Yes, those are flaps that are made of the same Silly Winks material. Had that on a dust shoe on my previous MPCNC and it works great. The material flexs nicely so it doesn’t put strain on the machine but rigid enough to keep its shape and seal off.

They look to be working really well, slick, I like it. Have you noticed small holes having a weird shape? I think I need to edit the firmware and turn down the accelerations some more, or Jerk since it is small transitions.

I really want to try a revision on the LowRider soon so I am keeping track of how we all use it.

I use mine as like a nice, big area to store stuff in my garage… /crying.