Wheel specs questions

I love my newly built mpcnc, but am allready realizing it’s limits. I’m thinking about turning it into a laser engraver exclusively and building the lowrider for my wood milling needs.

I used to build professional photo dollies for the film and photo industries so I have a bunch of fresh skate wheels lying around and luckily they mostly happen to be 60mm. They have varying widths though and different degrees of softness. Some are 78a (soft) and others are 96a (hard).

My guess is the harder would be better. Would this be a correct assumption?

Also, the wheels I have all seem to be wider than standard. Is the width of the wheels an issue, or would I just need longer bolts?

You just built your MPCNC, what issues/limits are coming up?

The weight of the LowRider CNC is probably not anywhere near heavy enough for durometer of the wheels to have any effect.
Width with need longer bolts and will make your build volume narrower.
They will also increase the chance of debris getting under them and affecting your cuts.



Thanks for the info. The only thing I want from my mpcnc is bigger build volume. I’m a designer by trade, so I want to build/carve signs for local businesses. I’m definitely not putting a laser on until I feel like I understand more of the techniques and cuts with wood. (Not anytime soon, lol) I can just see myself looking to do larger projects, and everything here says that’s more of the lowriders domain for accuracy.

What he meant to say is, “the mpcnc was so much fun that I want to make a low rider as well”

It’s not a difficult assembly either, so if something done wheels cause problems, they are easy to replace. But I don’t see any reason why thicker or different stiffness would matter.