When the mpcnc is acting up

And you have to resort to old school tactics.

The mpcnc itself is actually fine. I forgot I burned up the bit the last time I used it. I started my cut and saw it was burning. I hit the emergency stop, which kills the controller and the raspberry pi running cnc.js. The pi hasn’t booted since. I have a deadline for this project, so dropped to a more manual process.

I did use the laser to draw the shapes.


Ouch… your mishap makes me realize that it’s a good thing I only have the controller hooked up to the emergency switch. Didn’t think about it much when I wired things up, but now it seems like a good idea.

Did you try a new SD card?

I haven’t bothered to troubleshoot anything at all. Maybe later this week.

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I was too busy today playing with the new mill.

Made my first useable part with it.


My MPCNC isn’t acting up, but this weekend, I resorted to old school tactics to making mounts for a laser and drag chains. After a few failed attempts to use printed drag chain mounts from thingiverse, I gave up and just used a few bits aluminum I had laying around.

My laser arrived from China two weeks ahead of schedule, so I was excited to mount it. I couldn’t find an appropriate mount on thingiverse, and don’t know Fusion 360 well enough to design one yet, so I just cobbled a bit of scrap plywood and aluminum and mounted it to my existing Makita RT0701c mount. It took me about 15 minutes of thinking and another 15 or so piecing it together. It seems to secure enough. I haven’t tested the laser yet…not wired and I don’t have protective eyewear yet, so that’ll be my project next weekend.

I got the mpcnc running again. Not sure what was up with the cnc.js on the pi. I pulled the pi out of the box and hooked it up to a hdmi. It booted right up with everything working. I took the opportunity to update cnc.js on it.

I took it for a spin and cut out a simple letter in 1/4" plywood.