When your table costs more than your cnc...

Well I splurged, I am super stoked. I got it on sale as a display model. This is the ultimate MPCNC table, and my sexy new printer sitting right next to it at a maker faire gives me a reason to do one finally.

I couldn’t help it but I am sooo glad I did.


[attachment file=49659]

Need to get some different clamps but other than that, I will be flooding the internet with the ultimate sexy MPCNC pictures ASAP. Turn off the porn filter these are gunna be NSFW CNC pics. Red, black and Stainless…If I could only get black oxide stainless rails…

You probably can get them blackish by heating them with a blowtorch

oh, no… you didn’t? The dark side beckons…

Went straight to the dark side, didn’t even slow down…

HAHAHAHa it is sitting in my living room, I can’t get it in the garage past the lowrider…Oh bummer it might just have to get added to the office.

That would look nice with a couple of Openbuilds/C-Beam machines sitting on it… <ducking… quickly!>























Never heard of that, sounds like a maybe it might be some sort of open source tipple beam scale?


Ducking won’t save you from the voodoo I just put on your filament, you have a clogged nozzle headed your way. Just a little one.

Whoa. That looks nice. I like the integrated power.

Did anyone else notice that the actor they used to illustrate the foot pedals has some dirty boots? You’re not fooling anyone Milwaukee. We know that guy didn’t earn that dirt.

You need to find a way to get some of that wood grain into your machines.

I think there are steel sealant things that blacken up steel. Diresta uses stuff like that all the time. They look kind of like marking fluid, but it ends up with a real finished look.

Wow you took NSFW to a whole new level!

I did have an idea but I’d only trust MDF not to move and its lacks the sexy woodgrain look.


DUDE! You are so right.


This one looks the most promising to me, the other seems to make it grey, this says black with heat. I have only used my oven once, worth a shot.


The “trial kit” is only $38! That stuff seems pretty cool. I am waiting for you to try it first. Then I suppose you’ll have to sell the hardware kits in black and gray as well.

I got a quote for black hardware it was 3X’s the cost of the galvanized, and more than the grade 8 as well.

I need to order the dip, ASAP.

Fingers crossed here we go![attachment file=50210]

Well, it smells like your big buddy after a week long chili eating contest.

I rubbed it for 10 minutes straight and had to keep applying the stuff. Looked midnight black with the gel on after 10 minutes. Rinse it off pretty grey but super promising.

[attachment file=50213]

Applied the “sealer” smells just like gasoline.

[attachment file=50214]

Touched it with a blade and it comes right off. Lighter that scratching a lottery ticket…

[attachment file=50215]

I don’t think it was worth it, I tried, hope I saved some of you the money. I am sure it would look cool but you would definitely have silver stripes after the first use. a quick rub with the steel wool and it is easily down to 50% grey. Seems to just put some sort of thin layer of oxide on it. Looks like the gel is a no go.

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I bet it needs an anchor. Just like if you spray paint a smooth surface with an epoxy paint you can peel it off. If you rough up the surface of the metal first and degrease it the coating may adhere better.

Otherwise maybe you can parkarize or blue it like you do a firearm.

Also, what kind of metal is that you tried it on?

It is an etcher made for stainless. They have two others one requires muriatic acid dips, and the other requires heat. It might work, I am just not sure if I want to gamble with all that stainless.

If you want it scratch resistant it either needs to make it harder or penetrate. It makes sense that it bonded to the outermost stainless and that was easy enough to remove with a knife.

10 minutes of a serious reaction, I thought for sure I was ruining that piece by how it was looking. Then it all kind of oxidized off. I get that it is stainless but dam I had no idea stainless was, well, that stainless.

I have no idea if it was the different material or My technique got better but they are Black now! The was raw stainless as in not polished.

But wait there is more!!!

Big sexy is almost done, maybe today! Is it too late to get a table at BAMF, this is something that needs to be see in person.