Where do I place the brass piece the lead screw of the gantry on the CNC?


That’s for the lowrider, which that part hasn’t been uploaded yet, and the 3d printer. For the mpcnc we use a piece of allthread.

I would much rather implement this in than to use a piece of allthread. It’s stainless and and a much smoother thread. Although I wonder if the Gcode already written would be different because of the travel difference? Or is it the same? I don’d have any 5/16 laying around to compare.

Can you at least tell me where the nut is secured for the 5/16 althread?

You’d need to modify the z axis then. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way. The allthread works really well though.
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Then there was this. Poor thing went up and down several thousand times in about 20 hours.

I’ve recently pulled the Z assembly apart to swap out the Dewalt 660 for a DC spindle and there’s really not a lot of wear on it. With it running down inside the parts it’s not picking up much dust either. I lubed it with some lithium grease when I put it together and just relubed it for the first time when I put it back together with the new spindle. Other than that, I’ve not really messed with it.

Here’s the middle assembly instructions.

Very impressive. I’ll go ahead and use the althread then. I finally saw where the nut goes. I was looking in the gantry section. Thanks for your help.

No worries. If it fits down the channel you might be able to attach the bearing to the bottom with screws. Not sure how well it would hold though.

I only printed at 40% infill. So I don’t think that will do unless I print a new one at 24 hours LOL.