Where Might I get the Files/Can I buy a kit for the MP3DP?

Hey! I’m new! I have a couple questions, I’ll try and keep them short.

1.) Is the MP3DP different from the MPCNC?

2.) Can I buy a build kit, and where from? I couldn’t find one on the shop.

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MP3DP = Mostly Printed 3d Printer
There’s a recent redesign, the Repeat, that’s been released in the last month or so. I don’t believe there are kits available. Look for the New Printer Time? thread for info on where to find the files.

MPCNC = Mostly Printed CNC - comes in 2 models

  • LowRider - Sized for larger flat goods like full sheets of plywoood
  • Primo - “Tabletop” size. Folks have built them as long as 4’ on a side, but then you’re going to start losing rigidity, which shows up as more vibrations and less precision. That’s why there’s a LowRider optimized for bigger sizes.

The first item in both Mostly printed CNC and Lowrider are hardware kits, next items are plastic kits if you do not have a 3d printer.

The MP3DP does not have a kit as it is more of a project for making on the CNC’s…and 3D printers are pretty open ended and use specific.

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Ok, thanks!

Sorry, I didn’t actually answer your question.

The files are here, New printer time?, and an official release (instructions, BOM, pictures) will be coming real soon.

This should be treated the same way as game developer posts regarding releases… Just be glad this isn’t a Kickstarter project. :japanese_goblin:




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I was just poking through the store to see how much of the stuff can be had.

  • SKR Pro 1.2 + extra TMC2209driver (Total 6) – Available in most categories, the extra driver needs a bit of looking (It’s page 5 in “everything”)
  • Bed mount springs (3) also on page 5.
  • POM wheels (6) in the ZenXY category
  • Optical Endstops (5) in the ZenXY category
  • 10mm GT2 timing belt available most categories. (For 220mm build cube, needs about 3.5m) available most categories
  • 16T pulleys (2) available most categories
  • 20T smooth idlers (2) available most categories.
  • 20T toothed idlers (6) not in store right now. Maybe could substitute smooth idlers, but I didn’t.
  • MGN12H linear rails (5) not in store now. Length depends on desired build volume. (Mine is huge.)
  • 20mm square CF tube (1) not in store now.
  • Hemera Extruder kit (1) not is store now.

Otherwised needed:

  • M3X10 screws (18) for motors and optical stops
  • M3X?? screws (30*) for linear rails. Length depends on what material you use for the sides and back. 30 is assuming 6 screws per rail, which is 2 at each end and 2 in the middle, which is the configuration that ended up working for me. If your rails have an odd number of holes at your length, you might reduce or increase by 5, or increase by many in order to put a screw through every mounting hole.
  • M3 nuts, or 2020 extrusion nuts (30*) for linear rails. These might be threaded inserts, nylock nuts, or whatever solution you end up with. I suppose you could also choose to thread holes in your material, depending on what you choose.
  • M5X30 screws (14) as pulley axles
  • M5 Nylock nuts (14) to go with the above
  • Whatever hardware you need to assemble your frame.

The fusion model has everything you need for a 220mm cube build with either milled frame or 2020 extrusion. I have CAD for 450mm Y rails (For a 320mm square bed) and 350mm Z rails for 260mm build height. It’s actually not difficult to do up the CAD for whatever size you have, or at least I didn’t find it so, and I’m a CAD noob.