Where to buy 1" stainless steel pipe in the US

I have been searching the forums but it does not seem to be a problem for anybody else. I have checked HD and one of the big plumbing suppliers. HD did not have it, the plumbing supply house sells it based on ID, not OD. I am probably missing something. There has to be a place to buy this stuff. Please help me.

The 1” tubing is structural which is not pipe, so plumbing stores will not have it. Locally (Denver area), metal supermarket has it. Online Metals has it. Most metal supply companies should have it.


One I checked with to give me a sense of stainless pipe sources was the local marina. They have a supplier for their deck tubing and gave me a sense of cost. The other place was online looking for stainless shower rods. I thought about going with them, but cost and ease left me with the 3/4" EMT.

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In one of the other posts, I found that “stainless steel round tube” is a better search term. ISo far I found a place locally that sells 1" for $125 per 20-foot piece. That seems to be more than what I expected. Does that sound like a good average?

I just ordered 20’ of 1" OD 16 Gauge (.065 in) welded stainless steel 304 tubing for $3.50/foot from a local welding/metal shop. Initially, I made the mistake of asking for stainless steel pipe instead of stainless steel tubing, and after some confusing dialog with the salesman, I was informed that pipe is measured by the inner diameter and tubing is measured by the outer diameter. Once I got the nomenclature right, I was able to place my order without any issues.

I checked online prices (Amazon, Grainger, specialty metal suppliers, etc) and shipping usually drives the cost up.