Where to buy cheap 1/8in endmills and do 3mm fit in 1/8in collets?

I have built and been using the MPCNC with the DW660 cut out tool. I want to start experimenting with tool changing and using bits like chamfering bits, ball nose bits, etc. but would prefer to use cheap endmills while I learn. Problem is that all I can find on sites like aliexpress and banggood are metric endmills. Does anyone have any links for 1/8in ball nose, chamfering, v-bit, flat, etc. endmills on these sites and/or can I use 3mm endmills in the DW660 collet?

Thanks everyone!

I have been using the recommended eBay store here https://www.ebay.com/str/carbideplus They provide fast shipping, good quality and fair prices.

I don’t think they will. 1/8" is 3.18 or so mm, so it is not that close. You won’t get a good grip on them.

IMO, you should at least get a couple bits from Ryan. Especially while you’re learning. You won’t know what a good bit is like otherwise.


You are probably right but the shipping kinda kills the deal. I guess I might just invest in some sets of bits from the good ebay stores and be careful. The Kyocera bits I got were pretty nice.

1/8th is 3.175 mm. I found a bunch on Ali express cheap. I can’t speak for the quality.

I screwed up my spindle’s 1/8 collet so can confirm that a 1/8 bit will snug down into a 3mm collet but that’s the opposite of what you’re asking. Thought I’d share.

I’ve bought a few bits from Ryan and quite a few 10-pack sets from Amazon. I think I may JUST have retired the original flat cut 1/8 from Ryan the other day after passing it through my spoilboard, right through one of the metal threaded inserts ;(