Where to get printed parts

Looks like the store is out of the U.S. Printed parts bundles. Is there another source?

I Pulled them. I hope to release the new parts on Monday. I will have kits available, unless someone finds a problem with them. I have all the printers running new parts right now. I need a few days to make instructions, pack the new hardware, re-slice parts, update the site, ect.

Do you want the current parts or new ones? I might have a full set of the current parts.

Probably the new ones…

Any word on the new parts?

Done and have some ready to ship but no assembly instructions yet. I’m building the CAD assembly now.

Any thoughts on making a bundle of just the new printed center assembly and new corners available? Depending on price I’d be interested.

I could, but I have been printing non stop on 6-7 (one was being a brat for a bit) printers since the parts have been ready and as soon as I put them in the shop I sold out within an hour. I can make a set and it is priced on time, so if you divide current parts price by hours and the multiply that by the parts you want hours that would be my price.