Where's the roller lock from the 3d print list?

I apologize in advance for the newbie question but I’m looking at the roller assembly instructions, it seems like I need roller locks and I can’t find it from the list of .STLs. Is it named something else or do I need to get it somewhere?

Hi Alvin,

From what I understand. The roller locks have now been replaced by the roller mount part. There is an entirely new roller assembly that is not yet shown in the instructions, but it is in the download files. Looks like each roller assembly will get a roller, a roller mount, and a roller plate. I’m not entirely sure why there is a mirrored version of the roller, but I’m working on updating and will probably soon figure it out.

Thanks Benjamin! I’ll try those parts and see if I can get the roller assemblies done.

Also, the new roller assembly doesn’t use the speed washers, or fender washers.