Which AMB (Kress) spindle to buy

Alright guys so I’m currently building my mpcnc.

Now I want to get a spindle I can use for years. I know the AMB (used to be Kress) is something that is hard to find outside of Europe. So I hope enough people on here have knowledge of the brand. I’m currently looking into the following 3 options:

  • AMB 1050 FME-P
  • AMB 1050 FME-P Di
  • AMB 1400 FME-P

The 1400 is new (I think released last month), the 1050 FME-P Di can be digitally controlled.
The 1050 FME-P is specified at < 0,01mm runout while the others are rated at < 0,05mm runout.

I’m wondering if the 1400 is worth the extra money,
I’m wondering if the option for being digitally controlled is really worth it since I could of course just set it by hand.

I’ll be milling all kinds of stuff hopefully from wood, plastics, foam to aluminium.
Hope someone out there can help me with the decision

I have the MB 1050 FME-P on my wishlist. It is as you might already know with the ER16 collet and should have enough power for most milling applications.
I don’t know whether you will need the digitally controlled version.

The 1400 is just 100g heavier and about 50€ more expensive than the 1050. But it looks quite fair.

yeah them all having er16 collet is pretty nice and for sure one of the benefits.
I’m also really wondering about the digitally control, is it something that is really useful or more of a nice to have thing.

They are certainly nice, but sooooooo expensive.

Is there a good tool holder for their mounting system yet? Seems to me that 43mm diameter and 24mm height is a bit small to be held with a 3d printed part… Or can they be held at a second spot?

there are tool holders for it yes, also check brauns mpcnc he uses a AMB FME-P on it.
I’ve found a few that do required to print a higher tool holder tho

something like this should work just fine: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1735877/comments
Also I’ll probably upgrade the entire tool mount to something that’s cut from aluminium eventually


That holder looks great, thanks mher :smiley:
I think i’m gonna buy the 800 FME, it’s 300 grams lighter, costs only 213 euros and 800W should be more than enough for my projects :slight_smile:

I have recently printed that one ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1735877/comments), however at least with my printing setup it was far too weak. I have used Cura to slice for my Creality CR 10-V3 and had a gyroid 45% fill, however, the frames that hold the 1050 where that slim that even when I only tried to carefully screw them they broke. I am trying to make one in Fusion 360 and it should be ready in the next couple of days. As soon as I tried it successfully I will put it on Thingiverse.

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But should last for ever, have almost no vibration, are really silent and very accurate. I love my one already, it’s the AMB 1050 FME-P DI, and it is amazing to be able to control the motor from ESTLCAM.

I need to step back from my claim that I soon will be able to provide a design in fusion 360 as my design failed. I will not find the time soon to restart it. I am very sorry, wanted to help but at present I can’t


Hi there,
I’m building up my Primo with a AMB 1050 FME-1 spindle - but the tool mount was missing.
Find my prototype design on PrusaPrinters dot org --> 40842-mpcnc-primo-amb-1050-fme-43mm-tool-mount-prototype
(sorry, I’m not allowed to add links)

BUT: just tested out the fitting on the Z-axis - and a few tweaks have to be done.

The original FreeCAD file is attached to the model - feel free to mess around with it.

I’ve been using the AMB 1050 spindle for a while now. (burly) It does a good job.
Almost ready start building the primo. I have not been looking around for a tool mount yet.
This mount I downloaded from Thingiverse.