Which controller from this site?

As I print parts and work on getting the other items (e.g. hardware, steppers, pipe, etc) I’ve been thinking about the controller.

I see folks have referenced the Rambo and it’s out of stock. But I also see

SKR PRO1.2, 5X 2209 DRIVERS, TFT35 E3 V3

Is the SKR the current recommended controller and drivers?

This is going to be my first MPCNC Router build and I don’t know much about CNC programming. Well except for the tiny bit I’ve read and the little bit I’ve learned with my 3D printer.

So any advice, words of wisdom etc would be appreciated as I’d like to order the parts soon and the controller and such are a vital part of the build so I’d like to get them right.

See this post for quick comparison between the Rambo and the SKR Pro:

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@robertbu thank you that was helpful. Looks like I have more reading to do but the SKR seems like a good option.

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Hi. I was faced with the same choice several months ago, Rambo appeared to be the “safe”choice but it wasn’t available, while the SKR PRO was available but newer.

I went with the SKR PRO bundle with the dual end stop support. I’m happy with my choice but it is stightly more complicated to setup. That said there is lots of info now and lots of forum help.

I like the Skr Pro because:

  • 32 bit with more storage so you are not choosing things to disable so you can make something new work in the firmware
  • simple firmware updates via the SIM card
  • a driver per stepper
  • enough pins for endstops, z probe, and unused for future things like laser control (still a work in progress), etc.
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The rambo has a lot of storage. I don’t think we make any compromises there. Besides, we aren’t using any of the printer features.

The board where I have had to turn stuff off was the melzi, which is very old now.