Which parts are the updated parts that I need to reprint? C - ?

It’s hard for me to tell which parts I need to reprint. Are they all the ones that start with C - ? It would be cool if you specifically labeled them as the new parts and then explained this label in your documentation about the update. A lot of us will probably be reprinting in order to get the upgrade.

Upgrades have slowly rolled out over the past year.

If you put a picture up of your whole machine I can tell you were you are at. But yes the “C” parts are new. And the corners a few months ago.

I’m talking about the upgrade you just released, to the center assembly. The one you talked about here. https://www.v1engineering.com/more-updated-parts/ Awesome to know that the C is the designation for what I need to reprint, that makes it much easier. I think if you mentioned it in that blog post or thingiverse it might help out others who are trying to figure out the same thing.

Really excited on the new assembly. Old one had tricky supports and didnt seem as sturdy.

Thank you!

The ones with the “*” https://www.v1engineering.com/blog/parts/

Awesome! Thank you. Just saw the change.

I also noticed a new 5" bolt for the center assembly that I guess wasn’t part of the old hardware requirements. Is there any other new hardware I should buy in addition to my old kit which I got from you two weeks ago? More bearings or something?

If your kit came with a 5" bolt you have the new kit. I have been shipping enough parts to build either version for a while now. I should match up with the BOM plus some extra.

Sorry, are you saying the old kit and the new kit is the same? My kit is three weeks old. I have the old kit and I’m wondering what I need in addition to the 5" bolt to upgrade my old kit to a new kit. About to go to the hardware store. Sorry if I have missed your point. I do not have a 5" bolt in my kit

Since you don’t have the 5" you will need that and four 2.5" bolts.