Who uses their machines for their business?

So I am curious who uses their machines for their business that they run or work at? I know Ryan does… of course and there is one individual who uses their MPCNC for electric skateboard parts.

It is my goal to make a small odd-job shop that I can make 3D printed parts with my Prusa i3 MK3 that will eventually show up and then my MPCNC to make some acrylic light up signs and the usual artsy fartsy stuff to sell at local art shows and then possibly able to scale from there?

So please share your experiences / lessons learned / tips & tricks to utilize these awesome machines in terms of business!

Lots of sign people around here. Not too sure how many of them are full time. Curious about this myself.

I can say from my experience it really takes the pressure and stress off it you slowly work your way into it. So much easier to learn and iterate while there are multiple revenue streams. Also, saying “no” is extremely difficult for me but every time I do I know it was the right choice.

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My aluminum ladder dog tags were technically for work, but that’s probably not what you were talking about. :wink:

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Did you get compensated for them?

I guess to add to this… if you do use it as a full-time job post your website maybe? And if you just have a side hustle what do you do for regular work?

For example I’m an Application Sales Engineer (formerly controls engineer) and want this to be a side hustle, start small like Ryan said and go from there.

Hahahahahahahaha!! That’s funny… No, I had a ladder go missing at a job for about three weeks, then it magically showed back up. Pretty sure one of the other trades on site grabbed it by mistake, then saw the sharpied name on the side and brought it back. After that, I decided to make the tags. They stand out a little better than marker. Most of the stuff I do with both machines is just me screwing around. If something comes out usable, or pretty, that’s just a bonus!


I use it at my makerspace, which is my primary job, along with our printers. During non shop hours, we manufacture product to sell to support the makerspace.

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Cool! What sorts of things do you sell?

We make various woodcrafts like coasters, fridge magnets, keychains, desk name plates, trophies, etc. We also engrave kitchen cabinet doors and do some sign work with wood and foam. Expanding into basic furniture soon. We’re also developing a wooden wallet using carious woods, and we use the mpcnc to process an indigenous tree called Ifit, you may know it as Merbau, but I’m not sure because as far as I know, this tree isn’t grown in the 48 states, I most likely am wrong though. The wood is similar to mahogany, but harder, and stains really nicely. Attached is a piece a local craftsman did with the wood. It’s hard to come by as it’s illegal to cut the tree down, the only way to use the wood is from a fallen or dead tree.

My first thought was that’s a really cool ironing board. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! I’ll have to look up that type of wood. How do you guys sell your various woodcrafts?