Whole Guitar – Body, Neck & Fretboard!

Hi there!
I am happy to finally present the guitar I milled on my MPCNC! Luckily I captured it all on video:

@Ryan Thank you so much for developing this machine! It was a long cherished dream of mine to design and mill my own guitar, but never found the time. Now I can do it in my own pace!

@Everybody Enjoy!


Very cool video! Does a good job of showcasing both your problem solving skills as well as the capabilities of these homebrew machines. :+1:

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Hehe, “Handmade by robots”

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Nice! I’m ready for the next video… :slight_smile:


I wish YouTube had a way to inform you when it’s ready… :thinking:

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Super cool!

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Any one of those pieces, on it’s own would be an awesome project. But the video makes it amazing. I like how entertaining it is, and the comedy is appreciated.

But also, amazing project. That really is a work of art.

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This is really great !!

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