Why I don't get enough time with my Lowrider


I have never seen better brickwork cut :smiley:

This fireplace feature wall is the latest project (finished at 4am) in my year+ long journey of home renovations. I recommend not letting your spouse know about the DIY channel and HGTV…


Looks great!

I’m sure it is the end of many a fishing trip and relaxing weekend :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::neutral_face: it looks great buy the way nice work

Now back to the lowrider

Yep. I still have a pull out pantry and island to cut out.

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I let the wife pick the latest house. So far she hasn’t asked me to change anything about it :slight_smile:

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My wife did not step into our house until the day we moved in.

previous post redacted… yep. wife picked out our house while I was away for military duties. I never considered her preference for the house to be a feature! thanks