Why I haven't got my LR2 making shavings

@printablescom just keeps distracting me with their stupid competitions. They are doing a great job but seriously will one of you tell them they are keeping me up at night?

“Print-Table” is the latest, and since I’d been mucking around with a modular printable furniture concept for a while, I suddenly fell down that big black hole.

Here’s the first - two Ikea Chopping Boards held up by a kilo of white filament!

Full description at the link, because I don’t want to repeat it, but if one of you would be so kind as to proof-read it I’d love that! :wink:



That is ingenious! I noticed that you mentioned a need for 100g of cyanoacrylate, which reading the description seems like a lot - perhaps 10g is what was intended? Roughly how much print time did you put into the table?


Just think… you could make a very small MPCNC and mount it on one of these!

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Dude, that is quality work right there. I really think you have a shot at winning with it. It does not “look” 3D printed. So cool.


Adam, many thanks for that - you are correct - 3 x 3gm tubes does not add up to 100! Fixed!

Thanks @vicious1 - I’m obviously fairly pleased with the result - not so pleased with the number of different parts that are evolving as the next “side table” and bookshelf in the series develops though - it will look like a “set” but the number of individual parts won’t reflect that.

I console myself with the thought that Lego now have no shame in creating a part just to do a specific job!


Can’t wait to see the bookshelf!

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Very roughly - 4 days of waking hours. I’m a bit relaxed about printing and deadlines so mostly don’t load up the build plate - four or five things at a time is my usual game - that way if I lose some along the way I’m minimising damage. (I rarely have a mishap, but that’s probably because the machine knows it won’t hurt me too much if it plays up! :smiley: )

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Those photos are great quality! Looks very professional!

Oh and I like the design of the model too. Great work all around :+1:


Thanks Jamie, there’s nothing like spending more time in photoshop cutting out the background of a photo than it did to make the object! :smiley:

In all seriousness - I figured that Ikea knows what it’s doing, so tried to copy that formula and am happy with the outcome. I spend way too much time on that sort of stuff I know!!

Since it’s not CNC related, I’m not going to start another thread, but here’s the next one - a side table for the living room. Similar but different.




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I’m wondering if this is the beginning of the future.

Will we just click on a catalogue image to order a bit of furniture and it arrives in a box the size of the required amount of filament?


These are neat tables. Look sharp!

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