Will partially printed trucks work?

I know i should have printed one at a time but here i am, tried 3 trucks, it was a 2 day print. 2 hours were remaining approximately. Printer just stopped extruding. It looks almost done. Shall i reprint or will this work?

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My personal opinion:

  1. Without the exterior shells, those parts lose a LOT of their rigidity and strength.
  2. The bolt holes are soo close to the edge, the risk of ripping out is much higher
  3. If you are only going to be using your machine for very soft materials, these might work for a while
  4. If you attempt to use your machine for hard woods or aluminum, I think you will experience failure pretty quickly (which could damage other parts of your machine and ruin you work piece).

I personally would not risk it, and would reprint them 1 at a time.


I would probably reprint them, but not until I have done everything else. If your printer completely broke, I would rather have these than nothing.

No it didn’t break. It was a extruder problem that was easy to fix. It’s already printing other parts. Just sucks that these three need to be thrown away and I’m two days behind on my schedule due to this. I always preach to print one at a time, but couldn’t resist my own self in printing 3.

I’ll reprint them.

I did the same thing when I printed mine, and I knew better as well. I had a failure as well, but it was while printing ALL of the small parts at once. Yeah, it sucks.

You think one would learn their lesson right? This is what I’m printing right now.


I meant that if the printer breaks on the next part, but you manage to get a complete set, these would be worth a try.

That’s how belief in what preachermen tell grows… :slight_smile:

Reprinting trucks one by one now.