Will the stamped inch markes on conduit affect cut quality?

I bought the EMT conduit on the weekend from Lowes… I was a bit sick and in a fog so I didn’t think of this at the time.

AFTER cutting the conduit to size I realized that the length of the conduit was stamped with text and an inch gauge to speed cutting for electricians. Running my hand over the surface it is definitely noticeable to touch.

Does this affect the quality of milling as the skateboard bearings move across the surface of the conduit? Or is it easily placed when assembling so as to dodge it?

I was thinking I should maybe run a draw file over the surface.

I don’t recall conduit having this when I’ve purchased years ago… for use as ACTUAL conduit. :wink: Is it available without this?

Thanks! :smiley:

Mine had the embossing on it. I was mindful during assembly to place it betweens the bearing surfaces. Haven’t had any issues.


I appreciate it, Deek… thanks! (I think I’m still feeling a bit flu-ish as I at first responded as though you were Ryan… I need to sleep more!) :wink:

Seek nailed it. I was going to say the same thing. Turn the tube so the wheels won’t contact the embossed part. I just bought mine at Lowes too and no stamped lettering. Lucky me.

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I was sick with some bug when I bought and cut it and didn’t think of possible issues until afterward.

But NOW I’m thinking… I’ll bet that different companies have different quality control and so some may be rougher/bumpier than others which MAY show up in details/fine milling/routering just as it does with 3D printing when guide-rails are not perfect.

Something to think about. :slight_smile: