Will ZenXY work with Arduino Uno + CNC Shield

Hi everyone,

I’m planning on building one of these awesome looking ZenXY tables y’all are showing off here, but I haven’t decided too much on form and size so far. I can’t afford buying too much of the components and was wondering if any of the users here know, if I can get the ZenXY to draw into sand using an Arduino UNO and the Arduino CNC Shield I already have lying around from an electronics box I picked up on ebay some months ago. If the specifications work, what would be the general direction to go in?

From what I learned the Arduino CNC Shield is a GRBL-compatible board and I need to change the homing sequence. Anything else I should look out for?

I also have an older raspberry pi 3 lying around. If I use this, how would I go about connecting the stepper motors to it?

Have a nice day/evening/night and I’m really pumped by the cool designs around here.

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I forgot to attach a picture of the components I do have, yet I can’t edit the post above, probably because I’m a new user. So please excuse me for replying directly to my own topic.

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That would work well. I would use the uno with grbl and you won’t even need that third axis. Once you have it running, you can add in that pi with octoprint or maybe sandypi and then control it wirelessly.

The gcode sandify creates is generic enough to work in grbl as well as marlin.

I forgot to mention that since it is a corexy and you have a specific homing sequence, you will need to edit the config.h file in grbl to work with the zen. But it totally worls.

Thank you so much for your fast reply @jeffeb3.
I did indeed pull out that 3rd axis board and put it back in the box after taking the picture. I took out the one with the cooler since I don’t think they are neccessary at such low currents, or do you have other experiences?

So the pi connects to the arduino via USB to drive the motors via the shield and I get the designs wirelessly to it using the pi. Now I get it :slight_smile: Thank you very much, will be back when the build is done. :+1: