Wire extension and Z question

Hello again,

Saw that some of you were using white wire for cable extension. I need to extend my Z wire, so what do you guys use? Also for Z, where do you mount the cable chain if the top is off limits? Thanks again.


I don’t use a cable chain, but the best place would be the XY part.

Extending, you can use most any stranded wire, I have a good one in the shop, it’s security wire.

Man you’re fast! Thanks again. Probably not because of how things but is Ethernet wire an option for that? Security wire and Ethernet seem to be similar gauge.


I used ethernet on my mpcnc, and 4 conductor stereo in wall speaker wire on my lowrider. I’ve been told I didn’t need to, but with the ethernet I doubled the wire pairs. So the blue/white-blue were connected together etc… If you go the ethernet route, use patch cables, not the spools for in wall. The spools are usually solid wires and will work harden and break when bent around a lot. Patch cables are stranded wires and are meant to be moved.

Agreed - cat5 all the way. Problem is the keystone cat5 jacks that I use on the MPCNC are designed for solid wires. How well do they work with stranded wires?

The jacks look like this:

Problem is my stock of ethernet cables are all solid.

Probably be okay. Never seen tooless keystones before. About half way down you can see how I wired mine.