Wiring diagram & case

I purchased a kit from your shop and I am printing my parts as I type. I reviewed the parts and I think I have a good idea how things go together but I would be much happier with a simple line diagram for the wiring. I am not interested in letting the smoke out of the electronics since I have not yet figured out how to put it back in! Specifically how are the steppers attached to the controller? Color to pin?
Also do you know if there is a modeled case for the Arduino to fit in? I am a little bit of a neat freak and I would prefer to not let the controller sit out in the open.

I hesitate to give any sort of color combination out, as they do change from time to time. Luckily you cannot kill the steppers by wiring them wrong. It is very easy to do. Here are some basics. https://www.v1engineering.com/ramps-1-4-board/

There are tons of ramps cases on thingiverse. I have not printed one because I run every board I sell on my machine and run a test pattern. find one with a fan mount, you do not want to seal in all the heat from the drivers.

Just never add or remove any wires to the ramps board while the power and usb are plugged in. I have lost a few boards with the slip of a screw driver or pliers, or missed pin.

THANK YOU!! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. A little info goes a long way.

You have done an awesome putting designing the CNC and putting together this site and maintaining it.

Just to make it easier, and testing the new attachment system.

I really need to do a write up for the wiring, maybe after coffee.


Any progress made on the write up for wiring? I’m almost done with printing the parts and would like to have some time to review the electronics part before wiring it up.

May I also suggest close up pictures of your current electronics setup and wiring? That will help greatly with visualizing the setup.

Thank you in advance.

There are two images in the reply to me showing how to connect the parallel motors. What else are you needing? I assembled and finished wiring mine last weekend and I am still working out a few bugs with the software and testing.

I’m using a splitter cable. Can I just flip one of the plugs to get that motor to go backwards?

Yeah flipping a plug will work.

Can you upload a picture of this splitter cable, or give me a link? I couldn’t find any so I am making them by hand.

I’ll take a picture tonight if I can make the time. This is the splitter cable I bought:

I also discovered that my motors weren’t pulling equally because I had one length of wire that was 1 meter longer than the other, which is what prompted me to redo my wiring. My plan is to use these for the new extensions and using one for each motor so the total wire length will be the same on all of them.

Length of wire has nothing to do with it. Unless you hit a few hundred feet. Why do you think one wasn’t pulling equally?

It looked like one side was dragging, plus a wire resistance calculator led me to believe I was seeing about a 3% increase in resistance because of the extra 2M of wire in the circuit (there and back). However I might just have had a loose wire. The cables work out okay, except it seem the holes are too small for the pins on RAMPS. I used some connector wires I had to fix that, plus added a little electrical tape just to make the connections hold together.

Made the picture smaller so hopefully it will upload this time…

Where eo I need to plug in RAMPS fan that I am going to mount to the enclosure? This fan needs to stay on all the time when the power is on.


Wire the fan to the incoming power - 12v

Thanks, so just jump off of the supply coming into Ramps.



There’s a 12v header on the board as well.