Wiring Kit missing parts?

I bought the wiring kit for the Rambo board a couple of weeks ago and have been plugging away at building this. I’m on the part where I run the wires and the directions don’t match what I have (I bought the entire kit). I have 4 cable runs but none of them have a “middle” connector as described in the directions. Was there a change to the wiring I haven’t found? I’ve checked multiple videos on this and none seem to match what I have. Someone please point me in the right direction.


The step I’m referring to says, "

  • Connect the closer stepper to the plug in the middle of the harness with these steppers I match the pin side or non-pin side of the plugs."
I don't have a connector in the middle of ANY harness.

That means you bought a dual endstop kit. One wire for each stepper.



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Ahhhh. That explains that. Now to actually pay attention to what I’m doing… Thanks much!