wiring Stepper to board

Hi, the stepper motors that I own have no connector, so cables are loose and I am afraid to connect them wrongly, any help is more than welcome.


1-Nema 17 3D printer stepper motor CNC stepper motor 78 Oz-in/48mm stepping motor/1.8A.

2- MKS Gen V1.4 Control board RepRap Mega 2560 R3 Motherboard Ramps 1.4 with USB.

3- cables color are in the picture below:)



look on google images, it shows black green, red blue.

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You may have to move a pin here and there after installing the ends. Color order isn’t a standard.

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I am afraid to burn the steppers or the board



Wiring a stepper wrong won’t hurt the board or stepper, it just won’t move. Start with that wiring order, just keep in mind you might need to change a couple.

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that was an important information, thank you very much Barry.