wiring steppers

trying to wire 2 axis motors to one output on board but not sure how to wire them. when i wire them with all of the wire colors the same, the motors go the opposite direction. i tried switching the two middle wires however now only one motor works. which wire colors should i switch to have both x axis motors go the same direction? assuming this is in series?

using an mks base 1.5 board with marlin firmware from mpcnc site.

wire colors on main x axis stepper are as follows


i cut into those wires and tapped the wiring from the other x axis stepper into them so i could have one plug for both motors since thats what your firmware download page shows.


There is no standard for colors. A picture might help but it they are hard wired it won’t.

You are trying to wire it in parallel it sounds like, we have been using series lately.

You can find the motor pairs by shorting to wires and feeling for rotational resistance, You might want to check youtube if you haven’t seen this.

The wiring kit makes this plug and play I am assuming you didn’t get that, If you did you should not be cutting any wires. Also you need to edit the firmware if you are using a board other than ramps or minirambo.

If you answer the questions in the sticky I might be able to get you going faster.

thanks got it figured out. just reversed all wires and tapped them into the other motor wires and it worked fine.

I think you’re out of stock.

I thought, with my years of experience doing wiring professionally, I’d build my own harness.
After 3 failed attempts to wire up just the Y axis, I went to order last night, and they are unavailable on v1engineering.com.

Nope have a few hundred.

Thanks! The harness you shipped works great.