Wiring the steppers

Hey guy. Have my machine essentially full built except for the tool. But I want to be able to try out all the motors. I just can’t figure out the wiring. Like I see the diagrams, but I was hoping for something a lot more specific. (This is my first large electrical project). By more detailed information mean like step by step plug this in there kind of thing. At the same time, this is probably a lot to ask so maybe just a good rest pic of the result would be good. Thanks in advance!

If you are unsure the wiring harness is plug and play.

I can’t give exact details most steppers use different color schemes, so the red wire isn’t always the red wire. The good thing is you can’t really damage a stepper wiring it wrong. wire up 1 and if it works, add the second.

Here is a picture of my test set up. I just had one stepper connected each x, y, and z axis. You can see all three are connected to the RAMPS board in the same order.

For my machine set up, I wired two steppers to the x and two steppers to the y. One stepper needs to run in reverse for each pair. Just reverse the connection of one stepper to make the stepper run the reverse direction.

If you have your steppers mounted, I suggest removing the belts, and test them all. reverse connections until they run the correct directions.

Hope this helps.


thanks, that’s what I needed. To clarify, I was just looking into the plugs for what plugs into what. I got the wiring harness and the steppers from the store here, and was looking at how to connect that to the RAMPS board.

Did you see this post, https://www.v1engineering.com/assembly/ramps-wiring/?
I know I’m not good at instructions so if I need to clarify something let me know and I will give it another go.

What do I do with the resistor that came with the wiring kit?

Plug it in to “T0”, unless you have an extruder than you don’t need it.

I found this PDF very hepful. It has been working for me, although apparently the configuration can be different.

That guide is awesome, except the stepper driver part. Most of us use the DRV8825, if you plug them in as shown in that PDF they will let out a little magic smoke then you will need to get some new ones.

The ramps 1.4 kits on Amazon come with A4988 drivers. Those plug in per the PDF not your instructions. I got smoke and sizzle from my first board.

Right, but what he’s saying is you’re better off using the DRV8825. They run far cooler, can push the larger steppers required for a CNC, and run at 1/32nd stepping for higher accuracy.

You don’t want to use the A4988’s. Hell, I don’t even run them on my 3D printers anymore.