Wiring the Y axis


After following the instructions to wire the stepper motors in series the machine only jerks in place. What baffles me is if I connect the Y motors to the Z axis outlets (one in each) the machine goes on its course normally. I’ve tried reversing the wiring to one of the motors and the result is the same.

A link to a couple of videos showcasing the problem


Y motors on Z plugs

Is that a real rambo, or clone? The motor is acting like it’s wired incorrectly, so if it’s a clone, that’s the issue. We’ve had a bunch of clones do this. If it’s a real rambo, either bought from here or directly from ultimachine, then you’ve got a pin that’s either intermittent, or is loose in the connector.

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dear Barry,

You helped me, indirectly, resolve the issue. I’ve started by checking the pins on the board, they are solid. Then I changed the dupont connector, and one of them was faulty. I’ll now resume the search for the next problem =)

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I had a clone board an had the same issues. First a loose connection and than a wrong board. Start using an original board. Keeps you out of problems!

how do you guys tell if the board is a clone?


If you did not buy it from someone on this list you bought a fake.

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