I’m not so good in wiring and all that kind of stuff but I really want to built the machine!

Can someone please upload some detailed photo’s (or schemes) from the wiring and assembly of the nema stepper motors, the arduino board and the power supply?

From Belgium, Brenten

If it’s easier you can also sent them to my email address: brentensmekens@outlook.com


There are some pictures on this site, a diagram on thingiverse. and google helps a lot. I am pretty slammed until this weekend. If you can’t get it going by then I will do my best to do a wiring post on Saturday or Sunday.

Really though, a resistor on terminal T0 to mimic a thermistor. The z motor straight to the ramps board X and Y motors get wired like the diagram on thingiverse in parallel to the ramps. 12v 5A minimum to the outermost power port on the ramps the board is labeled. Do you have all the parts or is this in preparation? it is pobably easie rto understand when you see the board labels. It is very similar to most 3D printers so there are lots and lots of diagrams out there.

I understand you don’t have lots of time! Btw, your machine is awesome! thanks for sharing it with the world!

It’s in preperation, I want to make sure that I understand everything before I buy your bundle. I still have exams now but normally after that I will begin with printing all the parts and order your bundle (middle of september).

Indeed, it will maybe be easier when I have all the electronic components in front of me.

But it would still be nice if you can do that wiring post! Offcourse it can wait, you probably have much more important stuff to do :wink: I appreciate your work very much!

I was also planning to call in some help form friends at university.

Sorry for my faulty English


Thank you for the compliments.

It’s just one of those things. I have been writing tutorials/walkthroughs as needed. Once people have the board in hand I really don’t get many questions about it so I haven’t needed a walkthrough yet. You’ll see the board is labeled and pretty clear to understand.

The only part there is ever issues with is wiring in parallel and I can’t put up pictures because every stepper uses different colors, and it could get very confusing. Best is to kind of learn it, I will put up a walkthrough of finding the pairs ASAP.

One day soon I would love to transition to this being my job, so I understand the more clear instructions I put up the more time I can spend on development.
Thanks for your interest. Start printing parts now, It takes a long time.

I allready found an interesting walkthrough to find the pairs (http://reprap.org/wiki/Stepper_wiring#.22pair.22_wires_on_4_wire_motors)

with all the time, effort and work you put in this thing you deserve it that it becomes your full time job!

I would like to start printing but for the moment I am waiting for my 3D printer to be delivered (printing at university or a private shop is much more expensive :wink: )

I also discussed this with some of my friends and we had a really nice idea for a simple adjustable vacuum table. I hope to upload some information about that as soon as possible.