Wish i could load the stl, files in inventor 2012


does anyone knows how to import the mpcnc in inventor ?
i would love to add some more features to it and integrate it with a Festool MFT table

regards rob

Most programs do not handle .stl’s well. They are low resolution. I have not released the cad files yet for anything other than the tool holder, sorry. Keeps most the poorly designed parts out of circulation.

That table cost more than the CNC?!?

thanks for your answer, your right about that, only im still 25 days out at sea and have to wait until i come home to get started on this project
ive used the time until now for ordering the parts
but would love to get started desinging the corner posts
the most important dimension for me is the center distance ( height ) of the conduits in the IE version to make a desing on the corner posts to fit on the Mft table
the rest of the parts are well designed so the dont need changes at all`, i really love the desing
about the price of the table, your right but i think this machine deserves a good foundation

regards rob