Wood + 3D printed PLA combination ZenXY build

Hey guys!

After weeks of lurking around this awesome forum, I finally decided to try and build a Zenxy table for myself. After a lot of design iterations and brainstorming with my dad, we decided to go for this minimalistic design. The build was inspired by this guy on youtube (Alexandre Chappel), he makes his own furniture with the use of his 3D printer and simple woodworking tools.
I’m still waiting for the final parts to arrive, I need to add the baking soda of course, but also a led strip and power plug. After that, the table will be coated for protection of the wood. The software for the table will hopefully be sandipy with a raspberry pi zero w and the led strip will be controlled by a custom blynk script and a node mcu.

I’m really satisfied with the final product and I can proudly place it in my student room. Hope to hear what you guys think of it!



That looks great! Very clean build. Makes me want to copy that design and make one for my wife’s counseling office.

I would really like to see more pictures. Keep us posted as it progresses. Where will the LED lights go? Under the glass or under the wood so you can see lights coming out the corners of the build?

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The wood has an overhang so the led strip should be hidden away underneath that overhang. Glad to hear you like it! I can send you the files I designed for the corners if you want

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I love it. Nice design.