Wooden Go kart

This go kart is Ackerman steering.

What you’re describing is a form of skid steering. You would need front wheels that could spin freely to do that. Like a shipping cart. It would also put the point of rotation between the two drive wheels, which would be tricky/fun at best or it would require a ton of torque to turn at worst.

Awesome thanks.

What about the esc? Do you need one for each motor? And you can split the signal from the pedal? Or do you use a single esc and split that signal?

What are you using for a battery?

I’ll take all the details if you’re sharing. :grin:

I am using 24v 500 watt Esc because each motor is 250w at 24 v see link below

for batteries two HX 12-150-FR or Ups12-150 but now I am using one of each

In the future I want to upgrade to Lifepo4 (50 Ah) to save me 30 lbs


Great thanks for that extra information. This seems like a ton of fun, and our cnc’s are perfect for this sort of fun/trouble.

Brilliant. What a fantastic development, and thanks for sharing so much info. With 4 grandchildren under 6, I shall be very busy once my lowrider is built (Just started printing parts).

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The family and I just moved out to the middle of nowhere so something like this could be a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the idea!

I made a pretty big MPCNC with about a 3’x3’ usable space but it definitely flexes a lot. Maybe I need to build a lowrider too for this kind of thing. My youngest (13) wants a dirt bike but we could design/build a plywood one instead if no one’s already done it (but they probably have, I just haven’t looked yet)


De casualidad tienes para compartir una imagen mas cercana de la dirección? sigo sin entender muy a detalle su mecanismo para dar dirección ya que estoy diseñándolo…desde ya excelente trabajo

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