Wooden Snow Plow

Here is my latest project and it’s coming alone well - Just waiting for more parts to arrive so I can clean up all my prototyping .


This is great. I wonder if I can convince my wife to park her car outside so I can have a spot for something like this?

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That’s cool! Will it have enough weight to push the snow? I’m guessing it’s only intended for an inch or two.

Remote Control or more (like a roomba that maps your driveway?)

Stage one
Remote control with FPV camera

Stage two
autonomous with perimeter lines


Even Stage 1 would be really cool. Shovel the drive from the comfort of your couch!

Stage three
World Domination

HAHA! Cool project! Definitely going to be following this one!

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This could be pretty awesome! I live in MN and this sounds like a much better idea than freezing my tail end off to shovel my way-too-long driveway.

However, I think tank treads would be better than wheels, something like this… :slight_smile:

More like:

Stage three: Hang up lost and found posters in the neighborhood for a missing robot.