Woodpecker GRBL CNC

Does anyone else have one of these small GRBL-controlled CNC machines?

Documentation is sparce, but the control board says Woodpecker GRBL 0.9.

I know how to use Fusion 360 with the guffy post, thru Repetier Host to operate my RAMBO powered MPCNC, so do I just need to select a different post when I want to generate g-code for the GRBL board, and can I still use Repetier host, or do I need different software and a new workflow?

Select a GRBL post and I use universal gcode sender or CNCjs one of my friends used one of those boards and it worked well repeater may still work I have not tried it.

I have a 3018 similar to that. I would just select the generic grbl post processor in fusion. I had an old PC hooked up to it in the garage that I would run the gcode from. I have not used repetier.

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Yes I have this very machine converted for use with a blue laser on low power. I use it to expose PCBs.

What do you want to know? I have the machine defaults, endstop pinouts, etc. I have also upgraded it’s version of GRBL to be compatible with Laserweb 4.0.


You brute…

But seriously, that sounds awesome! I bet you get near photographic quality boards from that. Please start a build thread (or what you’ve made thread), and tell us about what you’re doing!


I have a bit of a cluster. I have the same Rasp. Pi 3 running Laserweb 4, Octoprint, and PiHole. It might take me a little while to document my setup but I would be happy to share.

Give me a few more weeks and I will be adding a Lowrider 2 that rides on a ping pong table to the cluster. I am doing some experiments with control electronics. I am debating GRBL Mega5X on a SKR 1.3 and a classic RAMPS 1.4. One or the other will give better results.

In parallel I am working on another project that the Lowrider 2 will be making new components for. I am looking to upgrade my MaslowCNC and add a new generation of control board to the list. The electronics and firmware are functional but the sled leaves much to be desired. The MaslowCNC and the Lowrider 2 will be sharing a water cooled spindle.

Will GRBL work on SKR they were saying the pin out was wrong but maybe the GRBL MEGAX5 is different I hope that is what I was looking for too I have not gotten to far with my research yet so maybe I was reading old news and it’s been straitened by now

Looks like you are correct Tim. Looks like I am stuck with Marlin on the SKR. However I am committing to multiple rounds of performance testing of Marlin SKR vs Marlin RAMPS vs Marlin GRBL.

Looks like there is a grbl-lpc. If not 5X then there is another flavor just as there is a flavor for the ESP32.

On Github: cprezzi/grbl-LPC/releases

Now enough with the off topic. Woodpecker CNC or else.

Grbl esp32 is pretty awesome and the esp32 is pretty cheap.

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I’m interested in how you upgraded GRBL on this board. I’d like to add an offline controller to mine but i’ve read that it may require updating GRBL 1.1

One of these controllers would be a handy addition, and they’re cheap too.


Interesting… This makes me wonder how much work it would be to change one of those tft32 screens to work with grbl.

Gawd, I remember when Bud did that poster… Brings back memories of Portland before things got so popular. Bud Clark was mayor later on.

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I bought one to mess around with. I’ve gotten pretty good with the candle software… with inkscape… embarrassed to say. I program high volume industrial routers for vinyl and aluminum and robots during the day. I use it to make custom drink coasters. Sad to say I’ve pushed it to its limits and will upgrade as demand is growing.