Woodworking Video Equipment

I’ve been having fun making the woodworking videos. I finally ordered a Knock-off GoPro from Amazon so I can start getting some footage from different angles. It comes in this afternoon and I can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

I also spent some time recently to put Magic Lantern onto my Canon 60D. It will still only get about 15 minutes per clip. I’ll have to change how I shoot footage so that I actually setup each shot instead of just putting the camera in the corner.

One of the things I’ll want to build is a different camera dolly/holder. The tripod I have is cheap and cumbersome. It takes up too much floor space in the garage when using it. I think I’m going to try to make some type of monopod on wheels that I can mount a ball head onto. I haven’t figured out how I’ll get different heights. Alternatively, I could just try to figure out how to mount the monopod I have onto a stand with wheels.

So much engineering to do. So little time.

Have you seen Jay Bates’ concrete bucket solution? He’s got enormous space, but that seems pretty practical, at least for his style of videos.

I have not. I’ll take a look.

I was thinking something more like this, but possibly with wheels. Not sure I really need to roll it around, but it’d be nice if I want to try to do a dolly type shot


Thanks for sharing. I just visited your attached link.