Work clamping tile add-on

I designed and manufactured what I’m calling “clamping tiles” for the table of my MPCNC in place of a traditional spoil board. Prior to this, my machine had not been set up with the dual endstop capability and after doing some custom carving prior to christmas I needed an easier way to get items square to the travel axis of the machine. The tiles I built are 12x12, and have 1/4-20 t-nuts installed on the bottom on a 2x2 grid. The tiles are bolted to the table surface (torsion box) using brass hardware and will allow for easy work holding and alignment. Hopefully this lessens the chance of me running carbide bits into screws, which tends to add up. Every tile was cut 100% on the mpcnc for accuracy and repeatability. I use a sacrificial piece of hardboard between the work surface and the workpiece, so they should last a long time; if not they are easily surfaced one at a time (or replaced). I know this is overkill compared to a traditional spoil board, prior to this I was ramming screws through a piece of mdf and it was starting to feel messy. Next is some fixturing pieces to act as positionable fences, and back to the 3d printer to make some new work holding clamps.


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That is a great idea. Smaller replaceable tiles.

Two pegs, or two screws, on a flat edge can be used as a pretty repeatable fence.

nice idea