Working with red oak

A friend of a friend has offered to gift me (almost) literally a ton of red oak in the form of 2 foot square 3/4" sheets.

I don’t want it to go to waste and would also like to make a little money from it. I would love advice on bits and speeds. I’ve only ever milled aluminium and softer woods before.

That should be a nice stockpile!

Softwood and more dense wood are almost exactly the same in terms of milling, 1-3mm/s slower maybe…

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Wow! Lucky you. That’s all Lowes sells here so I need that too. I’m going to build furniture, but first I’m building a decorative cask for my mom’s ashes and for people that can’t afford an urn. My personal charity. That’s why I got the MPCNC.

Good luck. If you get the cut /speed worked out, please let me know. Mike

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