Workshop tour by Barry

Photospheres of my barn. They don’t work as well in close spaces, but you get the idea.

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Nice! I would live in that barn. My favorite is “Sawdust is man glitter”.

I am most jealous of the metal working area and the wood stove (except for the barn in general). My shed is freezing in the winter.

The wood stove isn’t hooked up. It came with the barn, but I still need to figure out where to put it.

Wow, I wish I had that kind of space… Impossible to find anything like that here. That Barn looks awesome, the possibilities are huge… I can only dream of a place like this

Great workshops!


Dui I can’t get that here either without a few more zeros on my income…I am very seriously considering a move.

Yeah, me too… Would love to live in some farm in the countryside, but still need to make a living somehow, which is hard in China since most of the foreigner accessible jobs that are decently paid are located in big cities. And big cities like Shanghai are quite expensive, plus you don’t have much space.
One nice thing in China though is that renting a small factory is pretty cheap, like around 3 cents a months per square meter. But I’m not rich enough to do that, I don’t make money with my hobbies so far, only expenses…

One day when I’ll come back to France, maybe… Farms in the middle of nowhere are pretty cheap there. Plus the food is way better!

I added a few more pictures to the album. I think I’ve posted them here before. My small parts storage “bins”. I don’t cut the holes on the cnc though. It’s much faster to do it with a 4" hole saw, though I think I need a new blade.

Sounds like a plan!

Is there much interest in shared spaces, like a makerspace? Get a few other interested parties, maybe ones that are trying to get a business off the ground, share tools, ideas, etc.? By running the place, and fixing things that break, you can charge a membership fee, use the excess for more tools…

I have been saving my yogurt cups for some hardware storage. I was thinking I’d make a really wide drawer for it. Hardware is right after project stuff when it comes to being the biggest clutter problem.

damn it, now i got barn envy. Thanks for sharing though.

I would love a barn too.

There’s 1 acre lots we could move to here that would give me enough room for a nicer shop, but they are just a bit too far out of the city for the wife. Plus it would add another 10-20 minutes to my commute. Not horrible, but not ideal.

I use the cheap storage containers from Harbor Freight. You can see a stack of them on a shelf in the pictures I just added. Each one has a different type of fastener. Bolts have more than one container due to all the sizes I have.

I was inspired by this picture, I just haven’t built a rack to house mine in yet.

I know a guy with a few of those containers. Don’t drop one! They’ll scatter all over the floor…

We really lucked out with the house and barn. Everything around us is zoned commercial or industrial, so no neighbors. Have an injection molding factory to one side of us, and on the other side is a semi trailer lot. In the summer it’s not bad, but in the winter the lot lights are kind of bright.