Workspace position relative to table corner

I understand that this depends on the tool, but assuming I have a standard Makita RT070x and using the default calculator dimensions of 450 x 330 can anyone tell me the distances from the outer corner of the theoretical table to 0,0 of the workspace?

The way I’m building my table would require disassembly if I needed to cut my wasteboard after construction.


Caveat: my feet aren’t right on the edges of the table, and I might be able to get another mm or two by moving the endstops.

With an RT0701C, my 0,0 point is 101mm from the base of the table in Y and 93mm from the edge in X.

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Ok, thanks, that gives me a good starting point. Funny, i would have assumed symmetry… Does anyone know what the calculator uses as offsets?

Rather than precisely calculate the position of the spoilboard, you could install an oversized spoilboard. You could then either 1) leave it oversized, 2) use your router and a 1/8" bit to trim off the edges of the spoilboard to fit the working area, or 3) have it only somewhat oversized so that a surfacing bit can reach the edges. Doing #2 will create edges parallel to the axes, which can be helpful for certain kinds of things. Both #2 and #3 eliminate the pit that will happen when surfacing an oversized spoilboard.

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Oh I plan on oversizing it, but it will be inset and bolted to a lower layer (it’s a kind of sandwich table).

It’s kind of hard to describe what I’m trying to do, but knowing the offset of 0,0 with respect to the theoretical table corner as best I can is needed.

Unless someone comes along with the calculator values I’m going to base myself on ~ 95mm that Dan gave.

I would have as well, but it makes sense when you look at the core. The core “faces” towards the zero point in Y, but away from the zero point in X. It would actually be pretty hard to make them symmetrical in that regard, and not worth much effort, since the tool itself will change where that zero point is.

The calculator just takes into account the width/length of the core relative to the trucks, and extra width/length for the DeWalt tool.

I made the oversized spoilboard, but once this one needs to be replaced, I’ll make the slightly oversized one that can be surfaced. Or I’ll do that with the LR2 that’s very slowly getting built.

I did a quick measurement, and get (97mm, 93mm) from the outside corner of the foot in the origin corner.

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Perfect thanks @robertbu and @SupraGuy, seems we’re converging on 90-100mm, I’ll work with that.

Thank you both for the measurements and explanations.


Sure you have thought of this already but make sure your math includes your bit size including the lead in areas to cut the corners of the spoil board.


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