Would a board like this work?

I finished building my Tevo Tarantula a board like this seems more familiar to me. Will this be recommended for a MPCNC?

And Use

For the drivers?

I wouldn’t recommend those MKS boards. There is very little support for them and a few versions, most of very questionable quality.

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Is there a mks board u recommend or is it better just to go with a ramps + adruino?

I do not recommend any of the MKS boards, a quick search for info on any of them will probably convince you as well. There is nothing, not even a changelog and most of the versions have some serious issues.

I would 100% recommend the ramps over an MKS of any model, I built all my machines around it. Now though, if you really want the best board I can not recommend the ultimachine boards enough. The Mini-Rambo’s have been such a dream to work with and so far pretty dang bullet proof. (I plugged on in the other day power into the output ports and nothing happened, that would have smoked a ramps in a millisecond).

Okay. I will take your recommendation with this.

The rambo boards look nice with the inline fuses, but I am on a budget.

I recommend the other jumpers. 8825

You mean drivers. Yes ofcourse. I have them on order too. Thanks for your help!

Don’t let Ryan know… but he has the cheapest mini rambo boards on the inter webs. If you can, order one before he comes to his senses…

HA! Thanks, I triple checked with ultimachine and they were cool with it, but seeing the prices others are charging they seriously might make me raise it. A lot of other companies force a price, some are so high I don’t want to waste my time with them.