WTB Fastener bundle

Does anyone sell just the fasteners for the MPCNC? I’ve got all the other parts just laying around and I’m printing the printed parts right now but I need the fasteners. Home Depot doesn’t have all the correct sizes (I spent a good 45 minutes wandering up and down the fastener isle) and Ace will rake me over the coals. McMaster wont sell singles and the bill will come out to $Obscene if I buy their minimum quantities. Maybe I missed it in the V1E store but I don’t need the motors or belts or bearings or any of that stuff - just the nuts and bolts.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Do you have a fastenal near you? FWIW, when I made my own bundle, I sent Ryan a bit via the donate button to help him pay for the servers and the next design and such.

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Once I can find some local part time help I will start selling fasteners but right now it costs too much of my time to bag and package misc orders to sell them separately.

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Do you have a fastenal near you?

‘Near’ is such a relative term, isn’t it? lol, I may be able to get to fastenal one day soon but once I account for gas to get there I may break even just letting Ace bend me over.

Once I can find some local part time help I will start selling fasteners but right now it costs too much of my time to bag and package misc orders to sell them separately.

Oh, man, I hear that. I’m just insanely grateful that I’ve found a machine that checks all the required boxes. A big thank you for the work you’re putting in. I hope it’s a lucrative venture for you. And I hope to contribute something along the way.

I got all my stuff from McMaster and it was on par with buying the bundle on the site. $67 (and it’s all 18-8 stainless, so you could probably do cheaper if you didn’t get stainless.) that includes the shipping, they shipped in a USPS flat rate box–$7 anywhere continental US

When you consider the cost of all the stuff in the bundle that isn’t nut/bolt, it’s around $200 and Ryan charges $277 for the bundle with the MiniRambo

I only pieced my own kit together because I already had like 80 bearings laying around.



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Thanks Tim. I’ll double check the numbers. Ordering the stuff is by far and away my preference to getting in the car anyway. I’m in a similar situation. I’ve got a controller, the motors, the bearings, conduit, parts are being printed right now, I’ve already got a table set up… it’s always the darn nuts and bolts that hold me up.

Not sure where you are Farm and Fleet in the mid west sells all the bolts at less than $2.00 .lb the lock nuts I got form amazon I got all the 5/16 bolts for my second mpcnc for less than 5 dollars

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I’m in Louisiana. I’ve never even heard of farm and fleet. We do have a tractor supply not far from me but I’m not sure if they sell fasteners. I’ll have to check their website. Thanks for the tip. You guys are really helpful - thank you all!

When I get home I can post screenshot of all the part numbers I ordered. If you see this post and want me to do that let me know.

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I placed an online order with Fastenal.

Below is a copy of my order.

[attachment file=“Fastenal Order.png”]


I ordered all of the fasteners online from Bolt Depot. Prices were better than A…, Home D…, Lo…, etc. and was able to order in small quantities. All items arrived within 4 days and each item set was separately bagged. For me the availability, small quantity purchase and convenience worked great.

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Sometimes it’s really nice to be wrong. I very much appreciate all of the input. I didn’t even know about Bolt Depot but their prices are by far and away better than McMaster for singles. They’re going on my list.

I was in Ace earlier and happened to walk through the fastener isle. I was very pleasantly surprised at the prices on their fasteners. I must have assumed their Imperial fasteners would be priced the same as their Metric ones (I usually go with metric when I can) but they’re much cheaper. I got all my hardware for about $40.

Again, thank you all for your help.

Yeah getting metric is a pain in the US. Always way more expensive, everywhere. McMaster, home depot, etc.