WTS: Functionally Complete MPCNC - SF Bay Area - CA, USA

Hey all. I built my MPCNC as a 12"x12" cutting area machine back in 2016 or 2017. That went well for a while, and so I decided to upgrade it, and expand it to a much larger cutting area. I built a table, and had it all but up and running when the pandemic hit and it has just completely lost steam on the project. It has stagnated entirely since then (March 2020). It’s a Rambo 1.4 powered project, with colored axis wires in drag chains, quick disconnects, and such. It’s set up for a touch plate and has a Dewalt 660 mounted. The table is 48" square, so the cutting area is something like 36"x36". There’s a table top full of threaded inserts, but I never got to the point of flattening it. The whole thing does move and will cut, but it has sat fallow for a couple of years now, so would need to get a good going over again before starting out.

The table is on casters, and is included if desired, though I’d be happy to keep table if you just want the CNC stuff. I can include a ton more wire and fittings and such.

This is old school MPCNC, not the Beefy/Primo/whatever parts (sorry I’m very out of the loop on the state of the art these days).

Computer/Monitor/Monitor Arm are not included.

I’m located in South San Jose, and would ideally like to find someone in the Bay Area that could pick it up, or that I could reasonably deliver it to.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Asking $500

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Price drop. $300 obo
Would just like to find a good home for it.