X and Y axis motors working against each other

Banana Split is ALIVE! … almost

I wired my X and Y incorrectly. They are each wired in series but the work against each other. When I send a 1mm command, they both turn the same direction, sending one end of the gantry in the negative direction.

A little googling sounds like I can fix this by switching around some wires on one motor per axis. Is it as simple as switching black & red and blue & green?

I don’t think it’s relevant but I’m doing this with a Ramps 1.4 and shielded 18AWG wire for the extension wire.

Just flip one of the plugs over.


Thanks, for such a quick reply, Ryan.

I soldered all those connections and they weren’t joined in a ribbon, but I found a way to follow your suggestion. I used the cutoff plugs for reference.

In my case, that was:

Blue > Black

Red > Green

Green > Red

Black > Blue