x and y axis movement on new build

I was wondering how smooth it move back and forth?
Should there be some tension on the bracket where it doesn’t rotate around the bar or loose?

No idea what you mean. Perhaps a picture would help ?

Would be easier to figure out if you have any issues with some more information:

  1. which parts (size) did you print?
  2. what tubing are you using? conduit? stainless steel?
  3. where did you get your tubing from? item description & and an outer dimension reading w/ calipers(if possible).

There should be some tension when you are putting the axis onto the tube.
but once on the tubing it should slide fairly easily.
Mine would rotate, but would stay in it’s rotated position if let go), but wasn’t loose like you are saying(it shouldn’t spin freely on the tubing). that sounds like you have too small of tubing for the printed parts.

@P3DCNC, that would make to much sense to post a picture…lol.

Should be tension on all the bearings. It should not rotate on the conduit without a fair bit of force.