X and Y limiter

So when hooking up the X and Y limiter, would I wire them to the X Max and Y Max on the Mini Rambo 1.3 board? Was there supposed to be some sort of plug that came with these (or the board) or do I need to solder directly to the pins? Hope this makes sense, I’m pretty much a complete noob on the stuff haha

Are you referring to the end stop trigger switches with the 3 prongs on the back?

Start here for LOTS of great info: https://docs.v1engineering.com/

But the one you’re looking for is here: https://docs.v1engineering.com/electronics/dual-endstops/

Find the photo of the miniRambo about 2/3 the way down the page, it looks like this:

You can (if you bought them, I think) use the wiring harness that has the 2-pin flat black plugs. It should be attached to the 4-pin used for the stepper motor control. Just peel them apart a bit more to get enough slack for the 2-pin to get to the plug on the mini-Rambo.


Yes, replying about those and also the best way to wire them to the board itself, for the ZenXY purposes. I didn’t see that it came with plugs for the limiters. Thank you for the info, I will look through there and come back with any questions!

As for wiring to the board, those small black plugs work pretty well. The spade ends into the end stop switches work pretty well but when I was rewiring mine I had to go buy more and was NEVER able to find the right size ones. I’ll me soldering mine to my switches in the near future I believe.

Thanks for the great post Spencer.

For the ZXY, you would wire the switches with NC and C. On the board, it should be Xmin and Ymin, (-) and (S). Don’t connect the (+)!