X and y on a 45

some how i have managed to have the axis go on a 45 degree angle to the conduit. any ideas? reversed motors and , nothing . for x plus it goes up and to the right for y plus up and to the left. switched motors one at a time, and it does the opposite, on a 45 degree angle.

arduino mega and ramps 1.4

This is fundamental to how a “core xy” system works when only one motor is moving at a time. Google core xy and you should find a good explanation.

The firmware for zen xy is supposed to move both motors together to get straight movement in x or y. You need zen xy configured firmware to do this. Maybe this:

Ordinary marlin (or mpcnc or lowrider configuration) only moves one motor driver for x and one for y, which will produce the motion you describe.

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i used the firmware from this site. i will re flash.


You need to get the stepper plugged in correctly I believe I have pictures. You need the right side with the endstops and them moving the right way. It is a pain in the butt to figure it out. I do not know of a way to help other than just trying flipping the plugs over one at a time (unplug before doing that).

thanks for the advice and help. i re flashed the same file. hey , it started working. what a fun machine. to those who assisted me, thanks, thanks, thanks.

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