X Axis Alignment/Adjustment


I was doing my second resurfacing and I noticed the bottom of the cuts was not even, they have little ridges for each row.

I was thinking about what could cause it, and I’m pretty have I have, but not sure how to go about fixing it. The x axis plate is a little cockeyed, front is higher than the back so cutting bit isn’t perfectly straight down. I put little lines in the pic to show the ends that are different.

Easy way to fix?

It seems to be a perpendicar issue, your router base seems to have bent over.
MDF is very soft, making the plate a bit larger and adding/gluing 2 “strip” of plywood on the side would help to make the plate more rigid, but you would loose on X travel…

Hard wood for that plate is also possible, know you know the forces and how it bend you could play with wood grain direction to counter it.

If you don’t want to replace it, try to upper your Z and check perpendicularity between your bit and you spoilboard and add shims between your MDF base and your router base to correct it.

I got a piece of either 1/8 or 1/4” aluminum I could try and use. Not sure where my fancy expensive but I got for aluminum is though. I didn’t think of it going into the MDF, I have seen that with other bolts and screws.